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TÖNDRA is a Metal project of frigid proportions spawned in 1999 by Don of the Dead (Nun Slaughter) and Rob Graves (Corrupt Absolute).  From the frozen wastelands of the north rides a savage tribe of black souls bringing death and destruction to all in their path. Nights in eternal darkness followed by days of endless sun inspire and provoke these wanderers of the bone-chilling wilds. Like a dagger honed in the forges of Valhalla, their pounding assault will carve its mark in the permafrost of your soul.

“From a collaboration of Nun Slaughter’s vocalist and Corrupt Absolute’s bassist I could expect ...kick ass old school Thrash/Death stuff and definitely not a …Doom/Death release...  Lyrically, this album is written very well and got even me into a journey to the cold and mighty mountains of TÖNDRA. Good philosophic stuff which none of the Scandinavian Black Metal acts which I've heard (and I heard many) deserve to be compared to!  Musically - very low and heavy tuned guitar and bass…. those who are into Death/Doom Metal would definitely enjoy and appreciate…” - Encyclopaedia Metallum.

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